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Unicode Bidi Mirrored Glyph

List of Bidi Mirrored Glyph property applied Unicodes

Before property applied
After property applied
    of 18    

What is Bidi Mirrored Glyph?

Bidi Mirrored Glyph in Unicode handles character appearance changes in right-to-left text, like parentheses and brackets, ensuring proper rendering in languages like Arabic. Essential for text readability.

How many Unicode Bidi Mirrored Glyph are there?

As of Unicode Version 15.0.0, there are 428 different Bidi Mirrored Glyph.

What are some used Unicode Bidi Mirrored Glyph examples?

(, ), <, > and [ are some examples of Unicode Bidi Mirrored Glyph.