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Unicode General Category

Close Punctuation
Connector Punctuation
Control Character
Currency Symbol
Dash Punctuation
Decimal Number
Final Punctuation
Format Character
Initial Punctuation
Line Separator
Lowercase Letter
Math Symbol
Modifier Letter
Modifier Symbol
Non Spacing Mark
Open Punctuation
Other Letter
Other Punctuation
Other Symbol
Paragraph Separator
Private Use
Spacing Combining Mark
Titlecase Letter
Uppercase Letter

What is General Category?

General Category in Unicode classifies characters into broad categories such as letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. This property aids in text processing, formatting, and character analysis, helping software and systems handle diverse characters effectively.

How many Unicode General Category are there?

As of Unicode Version 15.0.0, there are 30 different General Category.

What are some used Unicode General Category examples?

Close Punctuation, Connector Punctuation, Control Character, Currency Symbol and Dash Punctuation are some examples of Unicode General Category.