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Unicode Indic Syllabic Category

Cantillation Mark
Consonant Head Letter
Consonant Initial Postfixed
Consonant Killer
Consonant Placeholder
Consonant Preceding Repha
Consonant Subjoined
Consonant Succeeding Repha
Consonant With Stacker
Gemination Mark
Modifying Letter
Non Joiner
Number Joiner
Register Shifter
Syllable Modifier
Vowel Independent

What is Indic Syllabic Category?

This property in Unicode categorizes characters in Indic scripts according to their role in syllables, facilitating the accurate rendering of complex scripts like Devanagari, Bengali, and Tamil.

How many Unicode Indic Syllabic Category are there?

As of Unicode Version 15.0.0, there are 36 different Indic Syllabic Category.

What are some used Unicode Indic Syllabic Category examples?

Avagraha, Bindu, Brahmi Joining Number, Cantillation Mark and Consonant are some examples of Unicode Indic Syllabic Category.