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Unicode Line Break

Alphabetic or Ideograph
Break Opportunity Before and After
Carriage Return
Close Parenthesis
Close Punctuation
Combining Mark
Conditional Japanese Starter
Contingent Break Opportunity
Emoji Modifier
Hangul Leading Jamo
Hangul Leading Vowel Syllable
Hangul Leading Vowel Traling Syllable
Hangul Trailing Jamo
Hangul Vowel Jamo
Hebrew Letter
Infix Numeric Separator
Line Feed
Mandatory Break
Next Line
Open Punctuation
Postfix Numeric
Prefix Numeric
Symbols Allowing Break After
Word Joiner
Zero Width Joiner
Zero Width Space

What is Line Break?

Line Break in Unicode classifies characters based on where they can be broken to start a new line of text. This property assists in text layout and formatting, ensuring readable and well-structured content.

How many Unicode Line Break are there?

As of Unicode Version 15.0.0, there are 43 different Line Break.

What are some used Unicode Line Break examples?

Alphabetic, Alphabetic or Ideograph, Break After, Break Before and Break Opportunity Before and After are some examples of Unicode Line Break.